Back from Bonnaroo

Hello all…

I am back from Tennessee and sorting through photos, thoughts, and memories to share in my full review! I just wanted to say that this was the best Bonnaroo since 2006, and the purveyors of the festival have done an amazing job making subtle changes each year that enhance the experience for everyone.

A couple of links:

Large Hearted Boy does a great job gathering Bonnaroo downloads in one spot, and the Inforoo Music Forum is also a good place to look. Already available: Phish, Wilco, Gov’t Mule, Portugal. The Man, Beastie Boys, Merle Haggard, and many more.

Type at you again soon!


One thought on “Back from Bonnaroo

  1. The scariest moment of my life occurred in the final moments of our Bonnaroo experience. At 11:30 AM Monday morning we were busy cleaning our car and our campsite. We were talking about all the crazy things we saw and heard about when a young hippee kid came up and offered us a free can of soda. He jokingly (or so we thought) said I’m undercover because he heard our conversation. We all laughed and thought it was just a joke. Than a white suburban police vehicle parked about 100 feet from our camp facing us. All traffic stopped on the main street which is where our camp was and than another large white SUV with tinted windows drove by and a kid threw a bottle of Tylenol PM out his window and said have fun boys. We started laughing and held thanks this will help us sleep. We thought it was like all the kids going around mimicking the drug dealers…You know the ones that said funny things like “cigarette butts, used tampons, dirty socks”. We almost made the fatal mistake of just tossing it in the car as a momento joke of the weekend. Than my buddy opened it up and said what are these…I looked in and my heart dropped…inside were exactly 20 extacy pills and the guy that gave us the soda said without even looking in the bottle they are “Hearts”. My friend said “What’s a Heart and I said they must be a type of extacy.” I took the bottle from him looked directly at the police vehicle because I now understood that this was a frame-up. I poured all the pills into my hand in plain view walked about 30 feet into the field and threw them all in the grass. I walked back to the car and as I got there another young man carrying something (assumed to be a recording device) in his hand with a shirt hanging over it and said quite loudly “Hey heard you guys had some Hearts you want to sell” I looked at him and said nope sorry we don’t have anything and he seemed confused. The police car flashed it’s lights once which must have been a signal that we didn’t fall for the trap and within moments both guys walked away, the police vehicle drove away and traffic began to flow again. We left Bonnaroo with our hearts pounding and vowed to never go back. Both of us our professionals in our 40’s and were there to enjoy the music and attractions. I hope that no other people were caught in this type of entrapment. When I got to my mom’s house after the show I hugged her and cried like a baby as I thought about the fact that if we had made the wrong decision in that moment I might have never gotten to hug her again. The corruption we witnessed at this venue was appalling!

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