News Fragments: End of the Road Festival, Poorly Planned Stevie Wonder Show, Trent Reznor Eats My Soul

Any festival that features Explosions in the Sky, The Hold Steady, and Okkervil River as main headliners is just fine by me. Interested? Head to the UK’s End of the Road Festival. Music, comedy, cinema, yes.

A fun, interesting read with great photos of what looks like one of the most frustrating concert experiences imaginable: a free Stevie Wonder show in Montreal with 200,000 people.

Nine Inch Nails will perform their final U.S. show. Again. Love ya, Trent. Thanks for making one of my top musical moments ever – the original “last” U.S. NIN show – no longer seem that special. Congrats to those who get to see NIN again in L.A., New York, and Chicago.