The One In My Hand: Olde Hickory B’s Nuts

The label on bottles of B’s Nuts might lead you to believe that there’s something not quite right about Brian Pesci, who won Olde Hickory’s 3rd Annual Pro-Am brewing standoff with this beer. It’s true, for all I know. But there’s nothing wrong with his work, that’s for sure. In homage to his outstanding English Brown Ale brewed with many, many pecans, the brewery decided to make it themselves as a limited release. I scored mine at Carrboro Beverage Company. Slightly translucent and boldly brown, like deep south river water, B’s Nuts hits your nose with a sweet, sugary nuttiness. The creaminess of the mouthfeel carries the flavor of molasses, caramel, brown sugar, and the faintest bitterness. There’s a woody essence to the smell and taste as well. This is highly drinkable, if a bit sticky, and you shouldn’t hesitate to grab any bottles that linger on the shelves around the Triangle area.


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