Update, Jerry Joseph Album Review, and Bonnaroo Plans

Que pasa?

I’ve moved into working more than full time this year, so the blog has suffered accordingly. You can actually suss out the last 3 years of my life by going back to the start of this page: there’s the post-employment barrage of music news and reviews, followed by the infusion of articles for Glide Magazine, the start of my concert photography dalliances, and the sudden emphasis on craft beer. Now once again gainfully employed, my writing time has significantly diminished. But I’ll still be doing reviews for Glide and going to Bonnaroo every year, and that’s what brings me out of the woodwork today.

My latest album review, for Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons’ wonderful Happy Book, is now up at Glide. On that same front, I’ll be covering Bonnaroo for them again and tweeting like mad at WoundedTweeter, as usual.

From now on, my blog posts will be given increased visibility via Best Thinking. If you’re a blogger or writer looking for new assignments or a new outlet for your thoughts, check them out.

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