The One in My Hand: Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA

Rather than kid myself into thinking I can really schedule a weekly beer review, I’m going to start this frequently occasional beer post about whatever I’ve got in my hand at the time I’m able to write a review.

This time, I’ve just poured a Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Captain’s Reserve Imperial India Pale Ale.  And, now I’m finished!  Seriously, despite the long name, it’s a pretty simple brew.  I acquired this bottle during a recent trip to NYC.  It pours a bit more pale and clear than some DIPA’s, with a sunny orange-yellow hue.  The head is robust and capable of seriously sweet lacing at first.  A slight must in the aroma is offset by a clear zip of fruit and hops.  The mouthfeel is pretty standard for an Imperial IPA, but the taste is not.  It’s somewhat astringent and bitter, not at all reminiscent of the tropical fruit on the nose.  Alcohol is very prevalent in the aroma and flavor.  This beer is not the sense-shaker that most DIPA’s are.  It’s not a surprise to me that there were cases and cases of this at the Bowery Whole Foods, given the availability of many more remarkable versions of the style.  This one is pretty average.


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