Beer of the Week: French Broad Zepptemberfest

Raw Data:  French Broad Brewing Zepptemberfest.  Brewed in Asheville, NC, USA.  750 ml bottle purchased at TJ’s Campus Beverage, Carrboro, NC.

Pours a translucent amber with orange highlights.  The head hangs around and is thin and fizzy, with somewhat active carbonation keeping a ring of head around the edge of the glass.  For such a malty beer, there isn’t a lot of that rich, bready smell you’d expect, and the aroma isn’t very pronounced.  A hint of brown sugar and caramel.  The taste is slightly sweeter than a typical Marzen, with some of the same elements found in the nose.  The malty character really comes through as the beer warms a bit, but there is a consistent hop presence.  While not especially remarkable, this is a good, balanced Marzen that will help bridge the gap between your beer seasons.


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