Beer of the Week: Hook Norton Double Stout

This is the first installment of our Beer of the Week series, a fun way for us to track and share some of the many remarkable brews that pass our way.

Raw Data: Hook Norton Double Stout. Brewed in Oxfordshire, UK, imported by Shelton brothers of Massachusetts, purchased at Whole Foods in Raleigh, NC.  1 pint .9 0z bottle.

This one is best poured low and slow into a pint glass to keep the head from getting out of control.  As you’d expect, the pour is frothy and almost unnaturally black.  The caramel-colored head really sticks around.  The smell is fairly standard for a traditional English stout.  Hints of caramel, roasted nuts, coffee and chocolate.  The taste and mouthfeel are right in line with that as well, though it does lack some of the boldness and thickness associated with fine stouts.  Still, it’s easy to see why this one won a 2007 World Beer Award for Best Standard Stout.  This is the definition of stout – toasty, chocolatey, and creamy, with a slight bitterness that is incredibly subtle.  At only 4.8% ABV, this is highly quaffable, rustic stout that will hit all the right notes for any stout lover.


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