Joshua Tree, Coachella, Wanee, Smilefest, and Ultra Festival Update

Updating our festival coverage, a few lineups have been announced and there is more information to be had.

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival confirmed what everyone already knew, releasing the exact lineup that was dispersed last week.

California’s Joshua Tree Music Festival announced a feast of unusual talent in its initial lineup. Always an eclectic mix of funk, soul, folk, jam, electronic, world music and rock, the event appears to have a pronounced dance/funk/electronic slant this year, with an international flair. DC’s prolific Fort Knox Five, international reggae kings Midnite, and Italian dance specialist Gaudi lead the initial lineup, which also includes LA funksters Orgone, New York’s genre-bending Haale, the soulful Staxx Brothers from Seattle, Wally Ingram and Jerry Joseph, Oklahoma’s Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers, Portland, Oregon’s Dusu, and Atlanta songstress Geri X. Check it all out at their site.

What Coachella is waiting for, no one knows. The event is three months away and they have yet to blast an announcement, though several artists have independently confirmed. The Coachella organization has been teasing the announcement, so it is likely coming this week.

Supposedly, we’ll get lineups for Smilefest and Wanee on the 15th as well. Stay tuned!


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