Rumors of Phish Halloween Show at Coachella Grounds Strengthen

It now appears very likely that Phish will perform at least one show and possibly as many as three shows at Indio, California’s Empire Polo Field sometime between October 29th and November 1st. During the Bonnaroo festival earlier this month, many Phish family members and employees were abuzz with discussions about the then-rumored shows, and the rumors seemed to solidify over the course of the weekend. By the end of Bonnaroo, several sources close to the band and crew spoke of the shows as if they were confirmed and that planning for the event would begin right away.

Take it for what its worth!


102 thoughts on “Rumors of Phish Halloween Show at Coachella Grounds Strengthen

  1. My thoughts exactly Robert!! No flights, no rental cars, no hotels to worry about… Phish showing some West Coast LOOOVE…. doesnt get better than this!!

  2. Haven’t heard anything about that, but I feel that camping would be available in some capacity, if not for everyone.

  3. Calfornia?? WTF. Is this a festval or a series of shows? I really hope they don’t screw the majority of their fans by hosting a festival on the wrong coast. New Years in Cali would be better I think.

  4. Well, the shows are confirmed, Phish is just messing with our heads as far as the “where” part.

    If it’s in Indio, I will take back all the nasty things I said about them skipping the second biggest city in the country on this current run.


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  6. I guess it wont be long
    I guess I’ll find out soon
    I hope its someplace warm
    I hope they’re be a yellow moon
    Idaho? Nebraska?? I don’t know, I’ll ask-a

    Either way, I bet it’s not Alaska

  7. Was super excited when I saw the “Save The Date” thing…until I looked around and saw all the California rumors.

    I’ve been to over 60 shows and would love to make this….but it’s just not happening if they play L.A.

    Must be nice for all the folks in Cali. Maybe one day Phish will get wise and play a festival in the midwest to compensate for those of us in the center of the country who spend half our time on Phish Tour driving to either coast…

    Northern Minnesota FTW. And yeah, I’m from MN. ROFL.

    -Jealous he prob won’t get to go, Minneapolis

  8. And as for Joe who claims the majority of Phish fans are on the East Coast, yeah, that may be true, but how many times have all the rest of us trucked thousands of miles so that you guys can have Phish mere hours from your homes?

    And oh yeah….the majority of the U.S. population is on the east coast too, so that might have something to do with it.

    Phish is popular all over the country. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re more important just cuz you’re an “East Coast” fan. Even if it is in Cali, those folks have trekked what – like 5000 miles, how many times? lol

  9. I hope its true. I live 10 miles from the polo fields in Indio where they hold Coachella festival. It’s an outstanding venue for a Phish festival. The access to the venue is mild compared to other Phish festivals and the surroundings and weather are superb. There is onsite camping and plenty of in expensive local hotels. If its run half as good as Coachella fest. it will be way easier to deal with than Bonaroo.

    I have traveled to IT, the East Coast, Midwest, to the Miami run, its about time we get some love here in Southern California. I am psyched! The closest show for me this summer is Shoreline.

  10. where are all these people gonna camp? it just doesn’t make any sense for them to be at polo fields. if i gotta go all the way to goddamn california i at least need somewhere to put up a tent. why not loring air force base or manchester tn, for that matter. or anywhere that’s out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of room for the huge amount of people coming to camp out

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  12. Look. Phish as a band is fully aware of what they are doing. Im an east coaster living in the midwest. Im from Boston. Ive been seeing phish shows for well over 10 yrs. (not bragging just letting you know I do have some insight.) Seen countless shows. They really havent shown much love for the west coast since the reunion. However the fact that its on halloween is all that counts. I dont care if they play Aruba. Worth every blood, sweat,tears and dollars to see it. Because you know there might be a “thriller” in the desert.

  13. I hope they do play the West Coast because then I won’t be tempted to bother with the threat of hearing Michael Jackson as done by Phish.

    If they don’t do Physical Graffitti this time around, it will be a waste of time.

    No, I’m not trolling, I’m old and don’t care anymore.

  14. So, I have heard the stipulation that states will be blacked out over time until the last one standing is where the festival will be. Do the smoke poofs on each state represent anything? There seem to be a specific number and location for each.

  15. Joey I feel what your saying. But come on man what better tribute than “thriller” especially now. That album guaranteed on all of their top 3 of all time. But dont get me wrong I would be more than happy to hear some physical graffitti. Yeah kim I think the map will boil down to Cali.

  16. thriller seems unlikely. i just have problems believing they would get up there and try to sing michael jackson songs. he died a couple of days ago so thats the big rumor and everything but this is in october/november. it’s a good ways away so by then it may not seem so “relevant”

  17. i honestly thought they would head back to the everglades if they were going to do a late fall show. but, california does need it’s phish. i was thinkin’ a thriller cover is due, since they teased it at the opening of the white album. the fest could be a replica of netherland. but i digress. would a full blown stage production of gamehenge be possible? doubtful. i think NYE will return to the everglades for the 10 year anniversary.

  18. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have heard some negative news that they are having a hard time ironing out the details, but it is my one shot at seeing them this year….

  19. If you draw lines between the capitals of the three states on the “Save the Date” page (Idaho, West Virginia and Oklahoma) a triangle is created. The center of that triangle is Lebanon, KS – the geographical center of the US. Is there any chance that THIS is the location of the festival and NOT the Empire Polo Fields???

  20. Crap…didn’t see NH was also blocked out…So much for the logical choice of the geographical center of the US!

  21. I hope people are joking about a “Thriller” cover. That would be crap. I love that album, but it’s not Phish material. I wouldn’t mind hearing them do one song for the novelty of it, but doing the whole album would be a waste of everyone’s time. There are plenty of great classic albums out there. Personally, I’ve always hoped for Exile on Main Street to be done one day. Maybe this year!

    Thank you for your wine, California… 😉

  22. First of all Thriller was teased at the Quadrophenia show not the White album so. Secondly Phish cover MJ would be a fitting tribute and spectacular to see. Being the the midwest I hope they DONT use Cali. If they are truly looking to accommodate all phish fans it should be in the midwest somewhere. Half way for all. But all that doesn’t matter. Because we all know that where ever they play. I will go. Period. And alot of other fans will too.

  23. More states missing from that map today. I really hope they show the love to ALL fans and make it atleast in the midwest!!

  24. Whose the noob?? Smartin up. Being seeing & listening to phish before you were probably born Jr. Phish performed October 31st, 1995 at Rosemont Horizon (now Allstate Arena), near Chicago. Costumes of all kinds were proudly displayed by concertgoers as they gathered prior to the sold-out show. The night began with Brad Sands’ birthday request Icculus, followed by Divided Sky and Wilson. The set closed with a high-energy Antelope followed by Harpua, during which Mike attempted to explain a dream he had about raccoons. Trey brought the crowd’s excitement to a peak when he added that Jimmy was listening to the halloween album and the band answered with a solid Beat It tease. The second set began with a taped excerpt from Thriller before Phish broke into their true Halloween cover album, Quadrophenia by The Who. Got that from their site. NOOB!! LOL

  25. No need for noob-callin’. But I have heard from many sources that NYE will be in Miami. There are even some extraneous events that are being planned already.

  26. Hello. I heard that they don’t like California more specifically Californians. I’m not sure if that’s true? It’s just what I heard. I hope for Californians that they do play there. It seems that state always misses out on shows!

  27. Here’s a nice little realistic tidbit for y’all… I have a friend who currently is currently working Warped Tour. He works Coachella & Stagecoach festivals each year. He’s been asked if he’s available to work a three day festival at the Empire Fair Grounds in October (no specific dates were given). His boss said it’s Phish. Now, this guy is only into punk rock & Johnny Cash. He actually dislikes Phish and would have no clue about the rumors currently swirling around in our world.

    Bust out the tortillas and glowsticks, Cali! This is gonna rock.

  28. The “save the date” festival obviously has to be out out west or in the south due to the weather factors. Cali deserves it although it personally sucks for me. I would like to see American Beauty on Holloween in honor of Cali’s finest. NYE should always be at MSG!!!

  29. I’m pulling for Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones album this Halloween. As for CA, I haven’t seen them much there. . .so I’m making the trek and seeing a new part of the country.

    As for doing a festival in the Midwest. . .Alpine Valley is pretty damn close if they’d let you camp there. That place is freaking huge. East coast doesn’t have anything that big where it would be warm enough for a festival.

    So, let’s go out and enjoy some Phish shows. It’s gonna be an epic weekend! See you all there. No matter how mad you are about going to LA

  30. well well well, seems all the trash talking bout phish only doing a couple west coast “Dates” is going to be redeemed!!!! As someone born and raised in the CV, i am deffinately stoked at even the prospect of this coming to fruition. Indio is the “Date” capital of the world(google Shields date farm in Indio, Ca), and we def. deserve the 3 day show. Its all grass, nights will be mellow, highs in the 80’s – 90’s, theres like 50 acres of camping, quit tripping, and start road tripping bitches!!!! ALL of Phish’s 3 day mega-fests have been on the east coast, or near it. Times have changed, lets do it big fellas!!!!!!!! See ya there,

  31. They teased Dark Side not Thriller on Halloween ’94!! I’m in Boston and I’ll tell you I’ll definetly fly to So-Cal to see a Hallloween festival, by all means. I did Hampton and the 1st 5 shows of the 1st leg(all Northeast shows), but seeing them up north in Oct/Nov will not be nice weather ie: chilly, rainey, maybe nice during the day but at night forget it. I hope they play Atlanta, Florida, or So-Cal. Somewhere that its mild and good for camping, because there is nothing better than camping out and seeing phish all weekend!!!

  32. I don’t care what they cover. I don’t care (that much) where they play. Hell, I’m from the Shire, and it took me 8-9 hours to get out to Limestone all the times I went– flying to Cali would probably be a shorter trip!

    If it is Indio, that is plenty close to several airports, flights are cheap, and the only drawback is that some of you won’t be able to smuggle your party treats onto an airplane. Live with it– it is an easy flight, you’ll be in Cali, so party treats won’t be a problem, and you may even discover that going to shows sober is a bunch of fun. Plus, the weather should be spectacular and it is fun to get out of the comfort zone occasionally. And, seriously, it is only 200-300 more expensive than it would be if the festival were in your back yard.

    Also, if the festival is in Cali, the right-coasters won’t be able to bitch when the first summer festival of 3.0 returns to Loring AFB!

  33. Billy I assure you they teased thriller. Not only was I there but that paragraph I posted was from But thats not the issue. First of all. Boston rules. Im from there and living in the midwest. Secondly. Its looking like a Indio halloween. Im not going to drop names or shows or any of that crap. But Believe me when I tell you its going to be in Cali. And see you there…

  34. Wish they’d stick to the East Coast for a festival… they’ve done ALL of their festivals on the East Coast (since that’s where their biggest fan base is!) and I don’t think they should change that… who’s gonna go? a bunch of SoCal wus bags! just kidding…

  35. And just a side note, they show love to the West but the shows rarely have a full audience… they just don’t have the phollowing out west.. they’re all about the East coast and that’s where the festival should be… if it’s really in Cali.. then have a good time everyone, good luck bringing all your camping supplies and tents on a f**king airplane (doesn’t sound like fun to me)

  36. Its happening guys. Trust you me. At the coachella polo grounds. Normally for coachella there IS camping so Im guessing for this there will be camping too…however you arent allowed to park your car by your tent.

    and stop complaining about an East Coast festival. There are more parts of the country that just that one side. They dont come to the west coast enough.. and a lot of us out here love them just as much as you east coasters. so quit your fu**in belly achin!

  37. i’m down for a CA festival, just as long as EVERYONE can camp, none of this hotel/motel nonesense. and i heard that’s not the case at indio. if i’m gonna fly out to cali i wanna be able to camp. otherwise i see no reason why cali doesn’t deserve a phish phest. see you all there (:

  38. i just read that 10-15% of people will be able to camp at indio. this is why we need a venue with open space, and lots of it.

  39. C’mon midwest! Minnesota is awfully cool in October, but the 10,000 Lakes festival site could handle the crowd. They host 50,000 country rednecks each August for WeFest.

  40. Well well.. looks like all you Cali Kids just couldn’t bring it? Maybe they remembered that people were handing out tickets for free last time they played Shoreline? i don’t know?
    But I’m still thinking it’s gonna be somewhere over that way! Maybe vegas area? I’m guessing it’s gonna be some desert theme thing?
    But we’ll see as it gets closer!

  41. Rirry, you were spot on! It’s happening alright! just not in California! next time think twice… this east coast kid knows his stuff (70+ shows!)
    Dates are the biggest crop in cali! hahaha

  42. STILL IN INDIO!!! Zoom the internet page to 200 % and CA is hovering above the map. It’ll drop back down.

  43. Well I was psyched just like the majority of people on here of the possible east coast halloween fiesta. But Erik is right. Cali hovers with the balloons. It will drop. Indio will be the spot. They just love phuckn with the phans. See ya in cali.

  44. Hey Scott… u wanna hate? that’s phine… I’ve been just messing around a lil bit, but im sure we’ll run into each other and I can sell you a goo ball, CUSTY! have fun in SoCal, waiting for the boys to show up… I’ll be in TX where the festival is gonna be! or I’ll just keep to the East Coast and remember all the amazing shows I’ve been too (including the only time they playing Terrapin Station, oh yea…. on the East Coast!)
    I love the West Coast guys, not trying to hate, just like it when I can drive to a show!
    peace and love!

  45. I’m calling a lil town in TX on a private farm! who knows??? we’ll find out after summer tour!

  46. cypress would be nice…i was there in 2000 and it was setup so cool! Shorter distance for me Florida than Cali. It better be somewhere awesome because I was really looking forward to Cali…hell, it may still be there. Who Knows?

  47. Just kidding around Matt D. Pickin’ on you for pickin’ on the people that made the “date” connection.

    Personally, I think they’re right. The name of the festival is “Save the Date.” And you know how they like plays on words. Hence, they hold it in Indio, the date capital of the world.

  48. I live 10 minutes away from Indio in Palm Desert and the sherriffs here all had a meeting confirming that they are going to bring in outside law enforcement because PHISH WILL PLAY THE HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL IN INDIO!!!! After Party at my place!!! HAHAHAHA (and i’m from PA so I love the east and west coast!! Wherever’s there’s good music and good people I’ll be happy!)

  49. It’s all for fun! I’d actually like to visit SoCal and see the boys play… especially for a festival, I just like driving to see them… part of the whole experience, been north to Limestone ME, been midwest to Alpine and Deer Creek and been south to Big Cypress… But driving to Cali seems a bit too far, even for me!
    We’ll all see where this Phiasco will take place!!!

  50. Matt D…I drove from L.A. to the Great Went (at a time when I had more free time on hands) and I’ve flown all over the goddamn place (for It, Oswego, Big Cypress, Coventry, and shows in NYC, Toronto, SPAC, Brooklyn, Great Woods, Camden, Hampton, etc.). And it was worth it every time.

    So, I won’t feel guilty at all if Halloween ends up in my back yard and you east coasters have to fly in for one. Just throw your sleeping bag and tent in a duffel bag and check it at the airport. I’ve done it many times. Just don’t make the mistake of leaving your tent stakes in your carry-on. I’ve done that, too. Not surprisingly, they’re not allowed on the plane.

    Fingers still crossed for Indio…

  51. I’m telling ya! it’s gonna be in Georgetown TX!! on a small privately owned farm! I think this whole cali thing was the first thing that popped into everyone’s head and it seemed to good to be true…
    fact is we’re all gonna have to go to dumb ol texas to see the boys! (no offense to anyone from texas, I’ve upset too many west coasters… i don’t need any cowboys on my ass too)
    PS- Scott.. I hear ya on flying.. it obviously can be done! my friends are doing that for the gorge in a few weeks, I just don’t have that time anymore.. I can barely get away for a few shows here and there.. the man only gives me 2 weeks vaca!!! lol

  52. The buzz seems to be NYE is looking more and more like a return to Miami. Everglades would rock, but if you ask me, logistically a nightmare.

    Last festival in Cali I went to was Laguna Seca Daze, back in ’92 (?), where the Allmans headlined both nights, with Phish and Blues Traveler filling in the bill nicely.

    With Cali off the map as of yesterday, seems unlikely it’s going to Indio..No?

  53. I’m beginning to wonder why the “Save the Date” location is being kept a secret at all. What’s the point? Why not just name the spot and let people start making their plans…

    I’m still hoping it’s Indio, for my own personal logistical reasons. But, if that’s the big secret, after all the buzz, it’s going to be pretty anti-climactic when it’s announced.

  54. listen up all u heads..ive been looking at a few diff. sites for the past month..i highly enjoy every1s input,its the best..we all know the boys like u f**k w our heads.its been that way for a long time only 1 person in this world,but let me tell u 1 thing..ive got great family people involved in a lot of dif. things…i dont mean to hurt any1s feelings,but it is in cali…start booking flights,start saving ur gas money,or put out ur thumbs now for a ride….see u all there..please safe travles,watch out for the 6ups,………LOVE,PEACE,AND HAIR GREASE


  56. well, it’s not in cali like everyone thought. it was just eliminated on the phish website on the pinball machine.

    Im guessing Florida or Texas…..although I wish it was in the midwest so it’d be a shorter drive from Chicago.

  57. there are a lot of people that think that cali will reapear at some point. afterall, it didn’t disappear like the rest, it floated away

  58. I’ve seen several Phish managers arrive at the Palm Springs airport late last night (I handle bags)

  59. Ran into trey this am in saratoga springs. he sadi something about a hot air balloon ride!!!! its California.

  60. hey john fishman is my cousins hair dressers brother in law.she told me that the fest is going to be on the big island.but the crazy thing is trey lives down the street from this kid that i cant stand,and this kid told me that trey told him they dont even know where its going to be yet.but the one person i have to believe is my mom,because she went to high school with mike,and they have always keep in touch and he told her that it was going to be in vegas…now why would my mom lie to me?but at around 1230 today i got a phone call from my ex wifes,new husband and he told me that page just brought in his car to get fixed,and while he was waiting,page told him that he couldnt tell him where it was going to im going to have to go with my mom on this one….ITS IN VEGAS KIDS…SEE YOU ALL THERE

  61. hey folks. I heard it WAS set to be Indio – but things fell through for several reasons. Big Cypress seems to be the place. I wouldn’t book tickets, but us west coast heads can give up the ghost. it’s another east coast phish fest.

  62. HSISP.. please stop dropping names and some weird 6 degrees of separation.. and that goes for all of ya’ll… You are not friends with Trey, Page, Mike or John… no you are not! don’t pretend to be and don’t act like you are that cool because you’re not..
    We really have no idea of where the festival is going to take place!

    I’m calling Georgetown TX! but i really have no idea? but seriously.. I just talked to Trey because i know him personally and me and Mike were just hanging out playing softball and they both told me that we’re all a bunch of phish nerds blogging about where their festival was going to be and I said.. yea.. Im a nerd too!

  63. From a friend:

    “Below was copied off my grateful dead site::

    Here is the latest rumor from another fairly spot-on contact:

    Here’s the deal: Phish WAS scheduled to play at the Polo Grounds in
    Indio, where they host Coachella. There was some minor issues with the
    alcohol restrictions, etc at the event grounds, but that was being
    handled in the rider of the contract along with the confidentiality
    agreement about the announcement of the album they are covering, due
    to some superfluous stage setup stuff they wanted for their “musical
    costume” (from the contract).

    Phish is/was planning to cover Guns n’ Roses “Appetite For
    Destruction” and had even gotten Axl Rose to agree to make an
    appearance (Coachella is close to Axl’s home in L.A) and to share the
    stage with Phish on at least one of the tracks. However, Axl got upset
    and cancelled his appearance with Phish (for unconfirmed reasons). Trey got upset with Axl and Axl then reacted by threatening legal recourse if Phish covered his album (similar to the way Zappa had “Peaches” copyrighted and disallowed it from being covered without a fee being charged – that was in the 80’s and was one track, you can imagine the cost of GnR’s copyright status especially considering the whole leaked copy of their new album).

    Trey and the band then decided that due to the hang-up with the
    alcohol situation, which had not been completely resolved – they were
    still hammering out the specific language in the contract rider – and
    the fact that Axl was threatening to sue (Axl has a pretty good
    relationship at this point with a music lawyer, he just wrapped a
    lawsuit for the leaked copy of “Chinese Democracy”, that they would
    switch the location of the festival to Big Cypress, where as an Indian
    Reservation, typical US laws (including copyright
    infringement/intellectual property laws) do NOT apply, or are a grey
    area at best.

    So, the initial word was correct, Phish DID have a contract to play at
    the Coachella site, but the legal language in the contract rider was
    never finalized and the contract was therefore voided. So, Phish is
    now booked to play at Big Cypress for the Save the Date Festival.
    Seriously, I was shown the contract for this event. And while this
    location may fall through as well, Phish has played there before
    making it much easier to finalize the negotiations. Take it for what
    you will, but Phish is playing Big Cypress for this festival.”

    I can also add that I met Trey’s driver one night at Jones beach, and although he wouldn’t tell me much, he did say to pay attention to Florida this Fall!!!

    Big Cypress, here we come!!

  64. does anyone have any real idea when they are going to reveal the details? i got my friend in LA all jazzed up with all the indio “100%” rumors. she wont go unless it’s out there, and i’m really pulling for a caliphornia phest. although, empire fields is an awful choice. limited camping, stricter regulations, public land etc. it’s a long shot but i’m still pulling for cali, but a WAY more remote, phish phriendly spot.

  65. Well since Cali is off the map (and the balloon’s are gone) I can honestly say I don’t think it’s gonna be there.
    Nobody has any clue, except for the fact that states are disappearing almost daily.. I thought they’d wait till summer tour was over but it’s looking like they’ll announce it right before it starts (just a thought)
    There is def a bit of hype behind all of this which isn’t out of the ordinary for phish!
    The festival is going to be sweet for whomever goes! that’s the bottom line
    I’m still calling TX!

  66. CALIFORNIA. farthest possible location in the US from me but who cares. You only live once right. See ya out there folks!!!! finally some colsure to this maddness.

  67. So from the map it’s looking official. Down with the haters. First of all, getting to So. Cal is cheap, if you buy your plane tickets early. Seriously, you can fly there from almost anywhere in the country for less than $200. Secondarily, the people saying that there is no way in hell that they would go to “L.A.” for the show are a bit ignorant. Indio/Coachella venue is not in L.A. It is over 100 miles away in the middle of the desert and it is a beautiful place for a festival. I’ve been to Coachella twice and can’t say enough good things about it. Beautiful venue (huge grass field surrounded by mountains and staged by palm trees), incredibly well organized, very accessible, camping is easy, and staying in a hotel is also easy. From the freeway to the venue takes 20 minutes, even if it is backed up with traffic. Also, why the L.A. haters? People love to hate on this place, but it’s actually a vibrant, relevant, American city full of genuine people (and a few very visible jerks). Very underrated.

  68. people are hating because at coachella
    1. there are only room for 8,0000 campers (so i heard anyway)
    2. we are not all going to fit in nearby hotels
    3. who the hell wants to drive anywhere after a phish show
    4. there is a midnight curfew

    of course it’s beautiful. pretty much all of cali is. but i’m flying from boston, give me 8 square feet to pitch a tent

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  70. Pingback: News Fragments: Jay-Z Replaces Beastie Boys at All Points West, Bright Eyes Close Forever, California Left Standing For Phish Fest, New Built to Spill Album, Leonard Cohen Returns « The Wounded Messenger

  71. Well it’s a Cali Show! i’m sure it’ll be off the wall like all the other festivals!! enjoy the show ya’ll

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