Follow Me to Bonnaroo – Setlists, Observations, and Other Tweets


Follow me to Bonnaroo by visiting the Wounded Messenger Twitter feed – The Wounded Tweeter. I’ll be providing updates on my whole experience at the festival this year, such as what music I’m seeing at the time, set lists from the performances, notes on the poster exhibit and other attractions, food reports, weather observations, crowd and atmosphere, and the like.

I’ll be updating the blog each day with thoughts and hopefully photos, plus – and this is only a possibility right now – video and audio from artists and their performances! We’ll see if the festival’s wi-fi and my technical skills hold up their end of the bargain as far as those possibilities go!

In the past few days, I have seen a number of blog posts and articles about “how to do Bonnaroo.” That’s great for camping topics and such, but as far as the music goes, I can only recommend that you do only what you feel like doing. If that means camping out at one tent all day or cruising the grounds in perpetual motion, that’s fine. Both are worthy tactics when it comes to experiencing Bonnaroo. This year, there’s enough going on that no one could possibly be bored.

Look for more previews soon, and a farewell note as I hit the road. I look forward to bringing as much of Bonnaroo as possible this year!


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