Bonnaroo Preview: Russian Circles

Russian CirclesChicago’s Russian Circles are sure to draw plenty of attention from adventurous music lovers during their 50-minute slot at Bonnaroo 2009. As the festival-at-large gears up for Bruce Springsteen at 9 PM, the trio will be lighting up the Troo Music Lounge with their explosive instrumentals.

A huge crowd could be headed this band’s way. For one, not everyone is going to race over to Springsteen’s set, and some fans may avoid the main stage altogether. Also, there are going to be plenty of jazzed-up Mars Volta fans looking for something to do when their band leaves the adjacent Which Stage at 8:45. Enter the epic, atmospheric, awe-inspiring Russian Circles, playing just a few steps away.

Their cinematic fusion of hard rock, prog rock, electronica, and improvisation should turn a few heads among the milling throng. I’ll be there until they stop playing, and I’d prefer if they didn’t stop at all! Here are some links and a live video to get you acquainted with this great band if you haven’t done so already.

Band Website
Live download of the band’s New Year’s Eve 2008 set

“Death Rides A Horse” Video:


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