Coachella Festival Wrap-Up

Jambase’s review of Coachella is here.

Here are a few links from Monday, the day after Coachella:
JamBase Coachella Video Collection
Rolling Stone Article
NY Times Slideshow
Coachella in 115 Tweets
Layaway helps make Coachella 2009 the third-best attended edition

Saturday Links:
Entertainment Weekly writeup piece on art, family and atmosphere

Here are some reports from Friday at the festival: A McCartney-centric AP story, NME on Morrissey, NME on Leonard Cohen, SignOnSanDiego coverage.

The Coachella Forum has plenty of opinions, stories, photos, and more from the weekend.

Here’s an article from the LA Times music blog about Coachella, festivals, and the recession, with mentions of some of 2009’s cancelled events, such as the Appel Farm event I mentioned in a previous post.

A Wonderful Coachella Timeline by’s Bruce Fessier.


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