First Night of Hampton Thoughts Continued…

After sleeping on it, the full picture of Phish’s first show back from breakup is starting to become clearer to me. The jamming was structured, nearly rehearsed – but still inspired. While it was clear that the jam in “Tweezer” was premeditated, that’s a good thing – this band needed last night’s show to prove one thing, and it did just that, showing that this foursome can still wield their stratospheric improvisations with command.

There were lots of personal moments, if you wanted to hear them, as the band (consciously or unconsciously) dotted the show with profound lyrics like “look back on those days when my life was a haze,” “keep what’s important and know who’s your friend,” and “don’t want to be anything where I don’t know when to stop.” It’s clear that they feel badly about the way things ended the first time, and they’ve come to the realization that what they have is more special than they could ever have thought.

The quartet revitalized their legacy last night. Nobody can predict how the playing will be for the next two nights, but the first show back made it clear that Phish is serious about performing again. As we all know, the possibilities are boundless when they’re on their game, so their legion of fans awaits the rest of the first chapter.

More details from the setlist: Grind included a segment where each member of the band said how many days they have been alive…Water in the Sky was the original version, at the slow tempo…Trey’s soloing, which was probably the most important thing that had to be good for the shows to be good, has so far been top notch and flub free…Page McConnell was the MVP last night, tearing it up at every opportunity.

ictures and more updates tonight…


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