Bloodkin – Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again

There’s a pervasive predictability to Bloodkin’s Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again (CDMP3). While it’s not your run-of-the-mill southern rock album, it is firmly in the comfort zone of the genre’s fans. It’s not going to change the world, nor does it aspire to do so. This is bluesy, boozy, country-fried, plainspoken music with an endearing rock and roll heart.

Bloodkin - Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise AgainLyricist and leader Daniel Hutchens finds poetic majesty among life’s routines, celebrating the simple pleasures of love (“Heavy With Child”), music (“Place to Crash”), childhood (“Easter Eggs,” “Ghost Runner”), booze (“Little Margarita”), and home (“Summer in Georgia”). He also tackles decidedly less savory subjects, like addiction (“The Viper”), and “Rhododendron” might be as evocative a piece of musical prose as has ever been written. It’s easy to see why he’s considered a genius among his better-known peers like Patterson Hood and John Bell.

Backing up his homespun epiphanies are plenty of chugging, twang-tinged instrumentals constructed of ringing, sliding guitars and unwavering rhythms. Of course, it’s not all straightforward – little bits of singular southern weirdness weave in and out of the songs, like the echoing sounds that punctuate “Little Margarita,” intermittent organ and piano accents, and the dramatic horns in “The Viper.”

With their eighth album, this veteran band has found a sound that will resonate with multiple audiences. Bloodkin has finally produced a record worthy of their leader’s verbal craftsmanship, one that accurately captures and reflects the long road and troubled times they’ve seen.


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