A Camp – Colonia

If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, then I’d be doing some sort of awkward middle-school-gym shuffle in front of a concrete block building right now. There’s so little remarkable material on A Camp’s Colonia (CD), it’s hard to find anything to say about it at all, and even harder to praise it.

A Camp - ColoniaFor the most part, the album seems to be an exercise in getting vocalist Nina Persson’s familiar Cardigans call in front of a checklist of pop-ready musical backdrops. Orchestral indie-pop? Check (“The Crowning”). Country in an alternative mode? Check (“Stronger Than Jesus”). Sarah McLachlan-style brooding balladry? Check (“Bear On the Beach”). There’s string-laden ooo-wop girl-pop born of the 60’s, an overblown duet straight out of an 80’s movie soundtrack, and psuedo-soul along with more tired trickery, and unfortunately none of it includes any of the snappy, simple style that made The Cardigans work. My recommendation: don’t waste your time exploring this Colonia.


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