Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourself

It’s great to hear a new effort from New Orleans-based Telefon tel Aviv, since their last release was a compilation of remixes. However enjoyable that disc was, it’s been far too long since an expressly “new” collection of their electronic ideas has graced our ears. Immolate Yourself comes 5 years after their last proper disc, and it’s not surprising that the duo has evolved considerably. That’s not to say that the key elements aren’t intact, because the all-inclusive spirit of their music runs deeper than ever here, and their smoky, graceful sonic paintings are as engaging as ever. The movement of the last five years manifests itself somewhere between Depeche Mode and Trip-Hop, in deep, dark atmospheres that employ a more profound use of vocals and danceable synth-pop flavors.

“M,” “You Are The Worst Thing In The World” and “Helen of Troy” sound like a blend of moody 80’s dance-pop and industrial wandering, while “Your Mouth” has hints of Telefon Tel Aviv’s signature post-rock and downtempo styles of years past. Tribal, hypnotic drums and randomly applied instances of noise dominate aural sculptures like “Your Every Idol.” That a group could encompass a wider variety is hard to believe after what they’ve done with such styles in their career, but songs like the forlorn “Mostly Translucent,” the electro-gothy “I Made A Tree On The Wold,” and the beat-riffic “Stay Away From Being Maybe” show that there’s no musical wilderness these guys won’t explore, plunder, re-imagine and re-construct in their own inimitable way.


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