Don’t shoot the messenger?

“Don’t shoot the messenger.” What did he do? Not the dirty deed, but the delivery of the tale. However, in this era of message boards and article comments and such, we all know who gets the public beatdown from the masses – the messenger.

That’s the inspiration for this blog, which will soon contain all manner of posts from my days as a music reviewer. After the foundation is laid, you can expect this place to host posts on a wide variety of subjects. They’ll mostly be about music, sports, video games, movies, television, and the like – the common interests of the common man. Besides that, I’m sure you’ll see the occasional halfhearted soliloquy about subjects much less interesting, and probably some vitriolic rants as well.

The messenger of the modern day will never escape unharmed. However, I will not allow potential virtual harm to impede my thoughts. Here’s to a start!


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